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Thread: Vampire Chronicles

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    Has anyone read past book 3? I keep trying, but I can't get into book 4. I'm giving it another try now...

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    I've read most of them, I skipped "interview with the vampire" because I just couldnt get into it, and I've not read "the vampire armand", "pandora" and "vittorio" because I've never seen them in the shops... but I'm reading "blood canticle" at the moment, they are great books, but for the last few of them you should read the mayfair witches books first as it starts to combine with the vampire chronicles

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    maybe you could try downloading the film, from me...on Soulseek...

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    there isnt a film of the 4th book (the tale of the body thief) which is the one he cant get into, only the 1st (interview with the vampire) and a combination of 2nd/3rd (vampire lestat/queen of the damned).... unless yourself or Skiracer1223 has got them in the wrong order
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    I used to read them, but eventually they turned too purple.

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