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Thread: Diablo II & LOD Expansion

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    Anyone play D2&Lod???I want to play with some people off fst but no one plays this sucks but its addicting! Dont even post if your post is making fun of the game...

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    i'm a real fan of real-time rpg's and this one is good even though dungeon seige has spoiled me. anyway, i'm on like stage 3 or someshit and have yet to play this online. css pretty much has takin' over my life again and haven't had to much time for any other games. dumb. i know that doesn't answer ur question, but i just wanted to comment on that fact that this is a fun game and ur not alone. someday i'll have more time. lol, i need to go ahead and beat this game. working 8 days a week doesn't provide to much game time.
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