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Thread: may be a common problem

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    yesterday I left dial-up and switched to Cable internet service .My internet
    speed is quite good now. I can surf and download at faster rates now.

    But I m having trouble getting my P2P softwares to work (emule plus, Bit
    torrent) now. Cable operator installed a firewall client on my system which is
    necessary to conenct to internet. An image of it is attached in this post. with
    settings mentioned.

    Now the problem is this. I surf internet on browsers without any difficulty ,
    without mentioning any proxy address in

    Tools -> Internet options -> Connections

    but dont know what to do with my P2P softwares. by the way I tried diferent permutations and combinaiotns of proxies in them i.e mentioning HTTP, SoCKS4, SOCKS5 etc.. but m not expert here.

    I use Windows Xp (and 98 too) with NO firewall or anythign else.
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    my Emule PLus was not connecting properly. it tried many servers and then got a LOW ID problem. I tried to search network and error came "you are not connected to network."

    Then I run Emlul v0.47 and it connected successfully without entering any changes to firewall/proxy. But now emule freeezes every 3 seconds approx. for some seconds. I searched the networo now and I got results. I started one download and now it is always in waiting state. And now at the time of this wriiting, emule has been not responding for 5 minutes.
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    Unfortunately because your ISP is using ISA server it means you are behind their firewall. It is not only a hidden proxy, it also means they control which ports are opened and what traffic they allow through.

    Unless you work out what ports you need to be open to run your P2P clients, and can convince your cable operator to open those ports, then you aren't going to have much success.

    Personally I wouldn't go near an ISP that forced me to use ISA and consequently I don't have direct experience of it. Others may know of ways round this restriction, but I doubt you are going to find the experience very rewarding.

    Edit: Since this is more related to your internet connection rather than specifically about Emule I'll move it to the Internet section - there's more chance that someone can help you.
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    O GOD..... I am sure I will find ways to get around it..
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