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Thread: Recordnow Can't See Blank Disc

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    I have a problem and I was wondering if any body has had the same, when I try to burn a DVD with recordnow max it replys insert blank disc even if I have put a fresh blank DVD-r disc in. On top of that it will only notice DVD-rw discs. It worked before but since rebooting xp and installing my programmes it has stopped responding.

    Oh and I had nero on my system also but I uninstalled it thinking this could be the problem but no luck there. Big Thanx 4 anyone who can help

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    I had a problem with RecordNow Max version 4.10. It had trouble finding my Dell (NEC ND-1100A) writer. I downloaded version 4.5 and it works fine now. It is only a 30-day evaluation program. No key or serial number.

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    most likely, youre problem here is compatability with the media youre trying to use. if youre not already, download recordnow v4.50 like wolfpackron was suggesting. and you can find a crack for the trial version of v4.50 at just do a search for "recordnow", and download the one that says "Backupmypc V4.85 And Recordnow Max V4.50 By N-gen"


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