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Thread: Cheapest Newserver right Now?

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    Anyone know the cheapest rates for newservers? I need Unlimited. My old one just expired. any good deals out there?

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    read both of these sites it Compare usenet news group servers by speed, retention, completion..and price..ok now u can locked this thread now..

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    The best deal for the money at $14.95 a month is NewsHosting which is within the top Usenet servers for completetion retention and reliabilty. There are others that are a bit cheaper but you may find yourself going from server to server where with NewsHosting you know what your going to get. If you take the yearly plan it even less at $12.95 a month. If you decide to signup with them make sure to use the site banners or our refferal link...

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    Newshosting is what I have used for a couple of years now and they're hard to beat for the price.

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    ive been using 39.95 for 3 months

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    You could take the 6 month plan at NewsHosting for just about the same price or the yearly would be less...

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    don't look for the cheapest newsgroup check out there completion rate and if the price is higher than the quality of their service then find another one. but if it's the other way around then settle for it. If you can get a ton of information you needed then it wouldn't hurt to pay a little extra. If you think it's worth it. ^_^


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