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Thread: Azureus hacked?

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    Has anyone else heard of this? I used to use Az, but switched over to uTorrent, but it would be sad if this is true and leeches use the hack (and more torrent sites like wild-bytes start to ban Az users...)

    This was posted at Torrentbox:
    Unfortunately due to the amount of bad userís we have, we are having to ban one of your favourite clients. The sheer weight of the amount of cheaters we have trying to do so with these clients is causing us no end of problems. We have to run many scripts that are slowing down the site for all because of this. ..So as 10pm GMT Friday 16th all versions of Azureus will be banned.
    Just thought I'd post this in case no-one's seen it.
    How could they have problems being a ratio site?
    Because some scum bag has created a hack for Azureus whereby it fakes the upload stats, there are some clients made with this function built in and most have similar hacks to add on.

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    Its unfortunate this is the case although threads on this generally take the wrong direction.
    To stray from that this thread will be closed as cant see anything else coming of this...


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