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Thread: HELP: Sims.Deluxe.2CD.Multilanguage

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    I downloaded thie said torrent file. It contained two folders


    and a file


    Now, my problem is I burned them into two discs. Was able to install. But I can't seem to run them (Sims and Sims Creator Tool).

    Error: Cannot locate the CD-ROM: Please insert the correct CD-ROM

    I tried both CD1 and CD2 but its still didn't run. Frustrated, I got a NO-CD crack for Sims Deluxe and was able to run the Sims game.

    Now, I can't seem to find the same solution for the Sims Creator Tool, which I badly needed to run.

    Did I miss anything while burning my downloaded files? One thing I'm thinking is that I didn't put any volume labels while burning. I don't even know what label should I name both disc 1 and 2. If I labelled the disc correctly, would the burned CD be recognize when I run the game and the creator tool? Does it matter? Any help would do. Thanks in advance.
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    You need to download the NoCD .exe file for The Sims Deluxe. The real cd can only be detected successfully by the game due to an advanced form of copyright protection, but the NoCD version of the game's main .exe file should resolve this and allow it to run without the cd. Sometimes you may need to use the copied one still, but that's in rare cases. You can find a NoCD .exe by searching google for one.


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