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Thread: stuff on newsgroup

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    can I find , on these newsgroups, all the things I can find on other P2P prgrams. bittorrent , emule etc. ?

    and where should a new bie go then ?
    Crazy about filesharing

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    You will get full speed and find even more content most likely. You will also have no quenes or waiting time since its server based. Was tempted to suggest you try Usenet when reading your NAT issues. With Usenet you will get the most from your new cable connection. Just follow NewsGroup Guide To GrabIt to get you going. Later on you can try out different clients like Newsleecher which is my preferance. When you decide to choose a service suggest NewsHosting as being the best deal for the money without question. You can signup through our refferal link at...

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    Thanx for helping. So the bottom line is that 'people pay for usenet access'. I dont want to do that thing.
    Crazy about filesharing

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    There are free servers though most are more trouble than they are worth. You could check if your ISP includes Usenet access as some companys actually have service worth using and when its included like that it wont cost you. The drawback of ISP usually is low retention and some have caps on thier Usenet service also...

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    You get what you pay for...
    Even when it comes to filesharing.

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    Newsgroups is one of the few filesharing services thats actually wize to pay for..

    Its definatly worth it.
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    my ISP does not have usenet facillites. any sources for free usenet serves ?
    Crazy about filesharing

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    Looking for and using free servers is generally more trouble than its worth...

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    Yep, you're not going to get any decent free Usenet access.

    I have a Power Usenet account ($19.95/month), regularly download >200Gb/month at maximum speed (1200KB/s) without problems. They have great retention too, 50 days.

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    I am leaving the idea of using news groups for file sharing...
    Crazy about filesharing


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