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Thread: How do you find recently posted .nzb?

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    Hi, even though Newzbin no longer accepts members I've been using their search feature to find recently posted .nzb's. What I would like to know is how do you find a title if the exact filename that was used during posting doesnt exist in description? For example the movie Stepmom & A perfect Murder were recently posted yet I cannot find the files through such search engines as Binsearch? Any ideas how to search for these postings without knowing extact title? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.

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    I have the same issue.
    When you don't know the exact title of what you're looking for it can take forever to find, even when using sites like Yabse, and Newsleecher supersearch.

    I usually end up browsing the groups unfortunately ;(

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    newzbin has an option in their new site to read through RSS, what i did is download a program called feedReader 3, and just put the newzbin feeds in there, it shows you exactly what comes out to newzbin and updates all the time.
    the only down side to this is that you cannot find posts older than when you started reading the RSS for the first time. so if you begin downloading the new post headers today, you can't see what was yesterday.

    the rss feed on newzbin for everything that comes out is:

    for feedReader 3 go here:


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