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Thread: trade leech for Sct or OINK

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    Hey, i have a couple of torrentleech invites and would like to trade them for either Scenetorrents or OINK, a ratio could be useful just to appease the leech community....thanx

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    only a fool would invite you to ScT for a TL invite

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    a little harsh, but i agree.
    you sure as hell aren't getting oink for TL, let alone ScT for TL.


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    huh I traded Tl invite for bitmetv
    now that is cool
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    i got a bitmetv invite for free
    as well as my sct invite was for free as well

    ohh the joy of oink power user forum

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    u guys are pretty much u know what i can trade in order to get ScT
    maybe u have some constructive criticism...and by the way i really dont think torrentleech is that bad
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    the chances of someone with sct invites coming around troll boards like these would only publicize a site that wishes to remain as anonymous as possible. plus it would earn them a ban. i was lucky, some guy offered a sct invite on the oink power user forum, i saw it and asked for it, and he gave it to me. Your best chance to get an invite is a torrent site message board, not this cave where all people have to trade is torrent leech and demonoid.

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    see, thats some good info, thanx

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    @ withoutthee88


    You dont know this forums power.

    You can get all the sites account/invites but you must be a trusted trader.

    I have got 4 ScT invite/account here on fst. 1 for me and the others for my friends.The point is ScT stop giving out invites for the time being.
    Now difficult to get an invite.
    You cant imagine but I traded one TL invite with ScT.

    You see people giving out pisexy invites free. I traded my pisexy account with TB account. You can say it is very good trade but that time it was diffucult to find pisexy.If TB open signups nobody can say good trade.

    If TL stop invites and ScT decide to giving invites members what will happen.

    Everybody looking for uk-t and giving many account/invites why?
    The reason is difficult to find it and nobody trade.

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    It seems every pvt tracker that is half way decent stops invites, Thats how they become a good site. I have uk-t and I don't see what all the hype is about. I think you can get the same if not more from araditracker, or torrent damage. The best site I have been on that has invites is bitemetv iplany and x2**.

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