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Thread: gnutella2 spyware

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    Is the gnutella2 network really free of spyware cos iv downloaded a program from shareaza using gnutella2 full of spyware.

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    There's no guarantee that individuals aren't going to share spyware, viruses, trojans, or all sorts of nasty shit, across any of the networks.

    When they say it's "spyware free", they mean the program, Shareaza, contains no spyware.

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    Shareaza (and others) Search Tips:
    - the search engine doesn't care what order the words are in... jumble up your words ("fall out boy" becomes "out fall boy" or something) and when you see your exact search term in the results, you know it's fake
    - search for albums not tracks... apart from netting you a complete rip from one disc and encoded with one program, they're easier to spot - expect somewhere between 50MB to 100MB per disc. Search for 'any file type' and you'll see RARed or ZIPped complete albums
    - check file sizes... use common sense; if you're looking for a video clip, movie or iso, a 280KB file ain't gonna be it

    Also be careful what you open. If you download a RAR or ZIP file and there's just one file inside named install.exe or setup.exe, it's likely to be bad for you.

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