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Thread: An Offer U Cant Refuse

  1. #1 really lookin to get a scenetorrents invite..although i know from experience they are rare. I have put out this offer in various forums and chats but i believe i can get some good results from here. I will offer 3 of my invites for one scenetorrents invite. I have torrentleech,, and desitorrents. I will either give u one invite from each of these sites, or even just 3 invites all from supertorrents. This is the last day for so act fast. And if this doesn't appease u, maybe u can hook me up with a scene torrents from the kindness of ur heart.

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    pcphil(movie maniac) BT Rep: +5
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    May 2006
    ruvard, just to let you know you won't be able to get an scenetorrents invite because all invites have been removed from every member of scenetorrents. the only way to get into sct is to get an account from someone.
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    oh...well, the offer is still good for an account...ill trade all these invites for a scene torrent account

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    buddy's Avatar Wanabe saint! BT Rep: +11BT Rep +11BT Rep +11
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    Jan 2006
    News : Supertorrents and Demenoid are available free in this site itself.. and wait for TL, that will come along easily too here !!

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    There's no way to get a sct invite or account at the present i think. Coz, i have a sct account and if u give me all your accounts and invites i wouldn't give u my sct. So, i can refuse it easily

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    pcphil(movie maniac) BT Rep: +5
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    May 2006
    cogito, i agree, people here trade for quality/rarity not quantity.
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    I have tb, fl, tl, iplay, pisexy, pt, datamoon, td, bitmetv, bitme, finbytes, x264, revolution, fxx, scr, wb, oink and many others. None of them can't be equal sct. I made a lot of comparisons: sct, tb and bitmetv are the best. If u ask to trade supertorrents, desitorrents etc. with sct don't get angry with me but it is very silly. And also it's unfairness to sct.
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    @cogito : yep, i agree that bitme can`t be equal to sct. they don`t even have same files coz mpaa and riaa are forbidden at bitme.
    btw, in your oppinion sct tb and bitmetv are the best. why don`t you think that tl is better than tb ?
    tl has much more and much faster releases than tb , and tl has imdb250
    Last edited by salavi2; 06-24-2006 at 09:55 AM.

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    I forgot TL, of course u r right. But in my comparisons TB was always faster than TL. But in release time TL faster than TB.
    If TL releases the imdb 250 in xvid/divx format as they promise then TL will be the first for me...
    Revolution finished imdb 250 but it's too hard to find a convenient subtitle for them coz their releases're not mostly scene group's releases. Besides revo is too slow...

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    aiight....i give up then, you could shut down this thread if u like
    Last edited by ruvard; 06-25-2006 at 07:09 PM.

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