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Thread: Got a new suggestions??

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    spelunker121's Avatar Flailing about!
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    Jul 2003
    Hi forum...

    I guess not much more that the title is needed for this thread, I only got 3 games:
    Halo 2 (havnt decided about this yet, not enough time played)
    burnout revenge (love this one)
    and PGR 3 ( I like it OK)

    Anyway, I like the FPS type game as well as racing

    Any suggestions would be VERY much appreciated(maybe even tell me WHY you like a game you are suggesting)

    thanx in advance
    Protect me from what I want!

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    silent h3ro's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +9BT Rep +9
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    Nov 2003
    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - best fps and online game for 360 so far until r6: Vegas

    Oblivion - fucking immersive RPG

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    oo3's Avatar Supa Friendly AviatR
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    Jun 2006
    congrats on getting your 360.

    there aren't that many games out that are worth buying so far...except....

    if you have xbox live gold, then i would buy geometry's the most addictive game ever...and it's only like 5 dollars!

    another game that i've been playing is Fight Night Round 3. the gameplay and graphics are amazing...

    i've also heard very good things about Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. I also have that game, but i haven't even touched it yet cuz i've been playing geometry wars...haha

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    try table tennis by rockstart game

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    cpt_azad's Avatar Colonel
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    Aug 2003
    Surrey, BC
    Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior
    Test Drive: Unlimited (when it comes out)
    Hitman 4: Blood Money
    Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory (xbox1 title, but it still puts most of the 360 titles to shame, def. a great game).

    Jeff Loomis: He's so good, he doesn't need to be dead to have a tribute.

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    spelunker121's Avatar Flailing about!
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    Jul 2003
    Thanx 4 the suggestions.........Ive been eyeballin oblivion as well as Hitman

    Ive played doom 3 on PC I it good on 360???
    Protect me from what I want!

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    Nov 2006
    Gears of War, but you probably got that already.


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