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Thread: passkey trackers???

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    i was just having a look at the oink website, reading about their passkey tracker... although i'm not sure exactly how or why, it seems as though you can be banned for sharing your torrents with other sites, i guess because people will not have the correct passkey to acsess them..? does azureus allow you to download and/or seed for multiple different sites at the same time, or can i only leech/seed from one site at a time...?

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    Passkey allows the tracker to monitor ur download & upload data,irrespective of ur IP.Even if u pass the torrent u have downloaded to a friend who's not a member,he too would be able to download from the tracker but the thoughtput gets credited to u.
    There is no restriction on sharing downloads from one tracker on others.
    Just make a seperate torrent with the announce URL of the site u are uploading to & upload it.


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