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Thread: Norton Ghost Question

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    I have norton ghost version 9. I backed up my disk drive using it. Now i am thinking if tomorrow my windwos get corrupted and I have to format my C:. How can I recover that from norton ghost image. Because the ghost 9 cant be run through DOS (bootable CD).

    I remeber some days ago my friend showed me a norton ghost older verison. It was a DOS based file having GUI. so it was not problem using it through some bootable CD. It was just one .exe file.

    How to do smae thieng with ghost 9..
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    There is a pdf file with instructions here :

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    But my question is still un-answered.
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    if u have the Ghost Disk(installation CD) reboot ur system with it and ull be directed to recovery page, its a dos based system, there ull find many options like over writing ur system with the backup image or recover partly. but make sure that ur booting is set to read from cd 1st(Usualy its set to 1.CdRom 2.Floppy 3.HDD)

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