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    I didn't know where to post this, but since it is hardware related, I thought here was appropriate.
    Every company I have found does not have a "mail order" catalog, it seems these days that every one
    uses a credit card. I don't! Does anyone know of a hardware company or distributor that offers a mail order catalog?

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    the only major online merchant i've received a catalogue from lately was BUY.COM. paper catalogues seem to have gone extinct, for the most part.

    also, yes, everyone does accept credit card nowadays, but you would be surprised at how many online stores still accept personal check and money order. sometimes the order form doesn't specifically say that, but they sometimes bury this info on their FAQ page or Store Policy page.

    off the top of my head, i'm fairly sure that NEWEGG.COM and BUY.COM accept checks and money orders. BUY.COM even has a "bill me later" plan (they send you the merchandise first, then send a bill afterwards which you can pay by mail).

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    Every month I get a catalog from

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