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    I downloaded a piece of software via Limewire. I now get a message everytime I reboot saying that the software registration is illegal and a report has been sent to the manufacters, quoting my I.P. address and details. Am I doomed? Im only hoping cause Im in the UK and its a US message (i.e. dollars etc) that I may be outside a duristriction of somesort. Ive removed the software but it still keeps popping up.Anyone advise me what to do? By the way, the software was PCMedik if that helps.
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    Be more carefull about running software from untrustworth sources. Running .exe's from gnutella is a good way to break your computer.

    Hijackthis will give you a list of programs that run when your computer starts up.
    The most likely place it is loading from is the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
    With care you can probably get rid of it with regedit.
    start button->run->type regedit in the box
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