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Thread: Torrents ????

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    Hi everybody, I hope that you're well. I've a question, what's Torrents is exactly and after downloading how to do for watching the files. Did I need some "programs" or can I see them with WMP or Windows media player basic?
    It's a great mistery for me. Could you help me.
    Excuse my "bad" english but I'm french, nobody is perfect.
    See you soon

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    Welcome to FST
    Check these links as to BitTorrent is:

    As to using the files u have downloaded it realy depends on what it is as different file types need different programs. But most media files should play on Media player if ya have the right codecs ( you might also need Winrar ( to unpack some of the files you download. Good luck

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    Well to get you started w/ basic BitTorrent information, read this:

    As for "watching files" I assume you are talking about video?
    If so WMP will work but you will need codec.
    I recommend VLC player ( or BSplayer (
    VLC is the best and requires no codec.
    Also you will need winrar to unpack the releases:

    Good Luck


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