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    I use Azureus, and was looking for a sub-forum that was explicitly for Azureus posts here and couldn't find one. I'm not the most experience P2P person, but the way this forum is organized is a little confusing to me.

    Under the "File Sharing" sub-heading, there are 5 sub-topics; "File Sharing", "BitTorrent", "Kazaa Lite", "Newsgroups" and "E-Donkey and E-Mule".

    These sub-catagories do not jump out at me as making sense, but that may be because I don't know very much.

    Are these different methods of P2P file-sharing ? I use E-Mule, and recognize that as being different from "torrent" filesharing, but I don't understand how "File Sharing", "Kazaa Lite" and "Newsgroups" fit in.

    Could someone please explain the "big picture" of how this all fits together ?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Dunno really - I've been going around in circles today and I been a member since 2002! Quite lost... maybe do a search on Azureus or find your way to client or bittorrent section... hope this helps.


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    Azureus is merely one of several bittorrent clients, so discussion relating to Azureus would come under the Bittorrent heading. It wouldn't make sense to have a sub-forum for every possible client, and rather pointless too since generally things that affect one client affect them all.

    If you look at the description for each sub-forum it tells you what each one is for. In this case we've picked the 4 most popular P2P methods, and as its description says the File Sharing area is for anything that don't match any of those 4 methods.

    The different methods all have their own "network", even they all operate iver the internet. If you look inside those sections you will probably get a better picture of what they are about.

    In general though, the methods are sufficiently different that they don't fit together well at all. The difference are sometimes the cause of "fake" files being encountered, particularly on the Fasttrack network (Kazaa and the like). This happens because people use the same area for downloading and sharing via different networks.

    For example, bittorrent clients usually store partially downloaded files with the name that it will have when the download is complete. That's fine, as long as only bittorrent has access to that file. However, if the same download area is shared with the Fasttrack network it will see the same file name and size, and when the relevant parts are downloaded the same checksum, as complete versions of the same file. But if someone uploads the file using the Fasttrack network they may get a part of the file that hasn't yet been downloaded, so it will appear to them that they got a fake. This is one of the main reasons that the Fasttrack network is losing popularity.

    In general you should use a client which will move a completed download to a different folder. That way, on networks such as Fasttrack and Emule you can share the "completed" folder but not the download folder and consequently you avoid sharing "fakes".
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    ..Lopster does that on openap and we also can block incomplete files at server level...

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    Azureus would fall under the BitTorrent category.

    Emule is the ed2k network.

    Kazaa lite is a seperate app on the fast track network, we used to be the kazaa lite forums so that why we still have this forum although we don't really support using that program.

    Newsgroups is another method of file sharing.

    And everything that doesn't fall under any of tose 4 categories, or if you're not sure where it belongs, post in the FileSharing section.


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