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Thread: PS2 DVD Drive...

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    A friend of mine has a ps2 that stopped reading discs, and I told him I would open it up and see if it was something simple since the warrenty was over. I also just remembered that opening a ps2 was a pain in the ass. Anyone think theres a chance its just a dirty laser that can be cleaned?

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    Aren't DVD lens cleaner disc thingies fairly cheap? Might aswell get one and give it a clean anyway.

    My PS2 occasionally refuses to read the disc I just put in, and a quick cleaning seems to help.

    Also, if you opened it up what would you be looking for?
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    yea, it might be a dead dvd-rom, or chip. try to clean it first with a cheap lens cleaner

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    thats a problem with some versions of ps2's the dvd rom's laser pot isnt aligned and it causes reading problems...i tried fixing my friends...and i just ended up puting in another rom drive for like 20 bucks


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