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Thread: Stupid Swedish Peapol

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    In sweden a company have a help phone where peapole can phone and ask for help with graphic card, mothercards etc

    This is some of the stupidest calls they have recorded

    1.An man is ringing and the crew answer.

    Man: What is this for crap you are selling!

    Crew: take it easy. Whats the problem?

    man: My new graphic card doesent work.

    after a long discussion.

    crew: will you please send it to us so we can have an look at it.

    man: both parts

    crew: are ther 2 parts of it what kinda graphic card do yuo really have.we dont sell graphic cards that is in 2 parts

    man: Well...It was so big so it doesent fit in the computer.

    crew: well

    man: so i cut it into 2 pices.


    (This was originaly on swedish so the translation maybe isint the best but try to enjoy it.

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    Well that was just super!

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    read something similar (about a gfxcard cut in two) in a comic a loooooooooong time ago, however, it took place in Norway


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