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Thread: Im back from San Francisco!

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    Actually I went to 'San Jose (California)' for five days, but on one of those days,
    all the family went so San Francisco.

    The trip was like this,
    from Tijuana (Mexico), we went to Los Angeles (2 hrs), picked up some relatives and headed to San Jose (5 hrs.) where my aunt lives; we spend a day and half there then they took us to San Francisco.
    Damn!, the place is beautiful, its a great place. We went through the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate bridge and also visited many other tourist places.
    The only drag was that the relatives we picked up from LA didn't want to spend any money to get in to places, like parking and stuf, but still, we had a good time.

    The pictures, from left to right:
    -me against a lamp in San Jose Ca.
    -a place I liked in the side of the road.
    -vacation is no excuse for missing the World Cup.
    -the Bay Bridge, and San Francisco.
    -when you gotta go...

    -the Golden Gate bridge.
    -another one of the Golden Gate.
    -a street at Sausalito (San Francisco).
    -touristic sidewalk at Sausalito.
    -viewpoint at Golden gate Bridge.

    -now, at Redondo Beach (LA California)

    there are more that 200 pictures, but One must be careful with what to post on the web.
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    Sounds like to you had a nice time.

    Go to the beaches at all?

    The FST group

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    Cool, grab a surfboard for Redondo Beach
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