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Thread: Best Game, Graphically

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    Which game has the best graphics (disregarding gameplay)?

    Best I've seen are Unreal 2 and especially Splinter Cell, though these are both great on gameplay too.

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    For me the best one was

    1: splinter cell
    2: Gta 3
    3: UT2k3

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    for me
    1 vietcong
    2 mafia
    3 delta force black hawk down

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    For me

    1 vietcong
    2 splinter cell
    3 mafia

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    For myself:-

    1.Splinter cell (pc/xbox) superior shadowing & lighting, make's ya wanna drool the 1st time u see it in action.
    2.Halo (xbox) beginning to slightly show their age, but u wait till Halo2!!!
    3.Unreal 2 (pc) Top notch with a monster pc to run it.
    4.GTA vice city (ps2) showing the ps2 can still push them polygons around and produce a stunning game.
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    Splinter Cell - Blew me away first time I saw it.

    Legend Of Zelda:Wind Waker - Like a cartoon that you play I'm completely hooked!! Gamecube rules!!

    GTA3:Vice City - Love those sunny evenings.
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    Morrowind's pretty damn beautiful.

    And Undying gets a nod because of its atmosphere. Creepy.

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    morrowind with all expansions
    and dunno
    operation flashpoint with all expansions

    vietcong has crappy gfx, look at the trees, 6 sides, I get over 100 solid fps in that game and in hl like 60 etc lol, half life looks better than vietcong

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    umm wat are morrowind's expansions? i dled a myth verison of morrowind so it wasnt the full cds n stuff... n i dled a myth gta3... they just dont got sounds.... sigh* well alot less sounds...

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    In my opinion is Morrowind. The PC has way more ability than the XBOX has. I cant wait for the Elder Scrolls III:Bloodmoon.

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