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Thread: Linux Compatabiltiy With Windows Xp

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    i'm buying a new computer and plan to run a dual boot of windows XP pro and Lindows 3.0.5(this being linux baised). i have read that they use different file systems, so i need to have them on different hard drive partitions, but when i boot into lindows will i be able to read files from the windows partition and vicaversa?

    I don't realy know who to ask, so i'm hoping someone here can help me


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    depends if your windows partition is ntfs or not.

    Windows will not be able to see the linux partition but linux can see and write to fat32 drives.

    It is also possible to read and write to ntfs form linux but it is not highly recommended because the software is still in beta testing.

    That is why i have a 60 gb fat32 partition that i use to store all my media files so both os's can see it.


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