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Thread: Quick Newsbin question.

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    Okay guys quick question about newsbin 5.

    At the bottom where its downloading I have 2 numbers seperated by a slash.

    The first number is the download number, but what is the second number? Is it the upload? I though I wasnt uploading anything? I would appreciate some help.

    it would be something like this : 12.1Mbps/1.6Mbps

    Thing is I think those are my download and upload speeds. But in the previios version it just showed me one number which is the speed I was currently downloading at, but why do I see this second number now as if Im uploading?
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    Okay GUYS HELPPPP! Ran bandwidth monitor and it seems every time I run newsbin it uploads at like !Mbit or so. What the hell am I uploading and where??? How do I stop this. Whats going on? Guys help please.

    *EDIT* Just checked my newsgroup account and it says tht posting is disabled. WTF? So why am I uploading? And what is that second number for? Comon guys someone has to know whats going on here.
    Traffic Reporter keeps saying that I uploaded about 990KB in the last 30 seconds.
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    I'm not familiar with this "newsbin 5" program.
    You should not be uploading anything to any where. If you can't get an answer to your question I would suggest switching to another client... i.e. Grabit.

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    yea and posting is disabled on m account. So any1? What is that secondnumber for after the slash???

    Also RAN DU METER and it shows I am constantly uploading at .03mB/sec.
    Something is definately wrong here right???

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    Nevermind guys. I figured it out. First value is in Megabits and then newsbin converts it to Megabytes. Thanks.


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