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    hey ,i've been using Ulead dvd movie factory to creat dvd's and vcds ----the AVI files work perfectly when converted(Ulead converts automatically) now when i add mpgs(mpeg-1,to b exact)the video comes out jittery , blocky ,slow and sometimes audio not sync with the video .So i got winMPG and used that to convert my mpgs to avi's(then add the avis to Ulead) but the same result blocky vids .When i play those same mpegs thru zoom plaer or bsbplayer they play perfact----Could anyone help me pleez,if u have any suggestions or have solved a similar prob.Is it something to do with my codec settings---------THNX in advance

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    Just incase i was a little confusin i meant to say the mpeg-1 files play fine in all players but once converted to avi all players play it blocky or slow

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    Well Anyway thnx 4 ur help .If anyone else has this prob or u come across it some day --i sorted it out now all formats play great once converted just visit here
    h**p:// ----they helped alot


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