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Thread: Looking for a site with AudioBooks and Educational Material

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    I remember hearing of a site that had torrents of "educational" materials. I was hoping to find audio books of books I have to read during the summer but I can't remember what the site was called.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction/invite me?

    Here's my Demonoid profile:
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    oink has audiobooks too

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    Ok, after abit of reading, I found:

    Does anyone care to invite me to LearnBits and/or the sites suggested by salavi2?
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    I can invite you to both of the sites I`ve mentioned, if you are a user of bitmetv, having a ratio of at least 1.5 and at least 100GB uploaded.

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    I can give someone an account on learnbits. If you want it and somethng from this: pme with a proposition. Swebits would be nice or maybe something else...

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    Sorry, I only have demonoid.
    Is there anything else I can do to get an invite?

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    PM me, I'll give you one. That goes for anyone else who wants one, as well. Just give me ratio proof.

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    Dedalus^'s Avatar The Truth is Out BT Rep: +3
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    bitme is the way to go tho.. they have everything u'll ever need... for ebooks/audio books.

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    Bitspyder,elbitz, also have what u need.

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    Has anybody got a bitme invite for giving up.Please I am also interested in e books and e learning.

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