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Thread: Media Player Classic - Format issues

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    I use this program to watch video files from my PC on my TV.
    However, my TV is 16:9 wide screen and I am having a few problems.
    I usually download things which specify that they are wide screen. However, once onto the TV, the screen looks almost as if the video is 4:3 and is being forced into 14:9, with the top of the picture slightly cut off.
    I have found that various settings in Media Player Classic changes things a lot, for example - stretch to window, touch window from inside/outside etc
    Is there anyway of fixing this, be it by changing the program settings or by using another program?
    Or is wide screen shown in a different format in America? (I'm UK)

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    Are you sure that the problem lies with MPC? If the TV image is a clone of what's on your monitor, and your monitor is 4:3, then that's what you see on your TV.

    I assume you really want to watch full screen, so the problem may be that your graphics card drivers assuming the screen format is 4:3. I suggest you have a look there before trying to find an alternative player.
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    if you are using nvidia forceware 91.31 above you will find that problem persistent as i've experience it too. What i did is go back to 84.21 driver the problem was gone. Hope it works for you too..

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    Thx guys, I appreciate your help. Sadly I have an ATI card so Spenz's advice won't help.
    Oh well, not the end of the world


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