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Thread: Some Good Fps Games

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    Well im looking for a good fps games that alot of people play that can run on a 350 mhz processor 192 mgb of ram 32 mgb of vid card thx (besides half life)

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    what about quake (3 possibly, but not sure)
    i don't think you'll get a lot of answers on that spec, maybe you just need to upgrade

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    Try Duke Nukem 3D perhaps.
    The 2D versions of Duke Nukem are pretty fun too. I had Starcraft running well no my 166mhz PC last time.
    If I'm not wrong, I enjoyed playing Star Wars: Podracer on my old PC running on a 166mhz processor.

    Just try those .

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    I agree, RedRival - Duke 3D was a great game. He didn't say what OS he's using, but I don't think it'll work in XP.

    If you're looking for a good FPS to play online, try Red Faction. It's easy to set-up a game and it doesn't require a CD-Key to play. Search the Verifieds for a hash.

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    Or you can try to download unreal tournament its a nice game and you can play it online


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