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Thread: Limewire - Annoying files !

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    Hi Guys

    I use Limewire occassionaly to get Jpegs and the odd music track I can't find.

    But there is a very annoying facet of Limewire that has been happening for a few years now. I am using Limewire Pro 4.9

    If you search for a file (mainly Jpegs) it may come up with the file if it can find it, but it also often comes up with some fake files. These are very small and have the same name as you searched for and it "finds" about 50 of them. They are a Jpeg offering something to do with IPODS.

    This is obviously being done automatically, but it is very annoying and uses up search time and bandwidth.

    Does anyone knwo if Limewire have fixed this or do they know about it or is there a workaround. Or can't they ban the user who spreads these files ?



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    Limewire runs on the Gnutella Network. Have you tried other clients to see if they do the same thing?

    I've used XoloX a long time ago.

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    there gotta be some good alternatives to limewire, that piece of crap slows my computer down to a halt when I turn it on

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    When searching, jumble up the search words; the search engine doesn't care what order the words are in, so if you search for "boy out fall" then you'l immediately be able to spot the generated virus files.

    Also, use shareaza - it's spyware/adware free and connects to gnutella1, gnutella2 and edonkey networks so you get more results.
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    I like that you can trash files

  6. File Sharing   -   #6 new here..i jst signed up there any other downloading sites that are free other than and shareaza..when i tried using into my laptop it always rejects me meaning it kicks me out on my laptop..and shareaza sometimes takes a while to download...any suggestions.....thanks

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    update it to whatever the newest is and it works fine

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    i know it works fine for most of you who uses but for me it dont work cause i dont know why it wont work and why it crash my laptop. is there any other downloading site other than limewire n shareaza...please help me...thanks


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