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Thread: Is There Any Way To Install A Admin Password?

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    I want only 1 account which is the admin one and is it possible to everytime someone tries to run a .exe,then a "something" will pop up and ask for a password to be able to install it.

    This is becuz I have some stupid brothers who doesnt know much about computers so when they download like porn in kazaa,example "britneySpearsNude.exe" and they think it is a picture but itīs a virus and I have to search for virus everytime.

    I know that I can create accounts but I want only one so is it possible?

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    How come you don't want to create accounts for them? Are you using XP or Win2k? You can limit what they can do with each account. Plus, you still have admin rights, and you can check where they've been to, etc.

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    yeah all my family on my pc's are superusers so they can do what they want but I can see what they have been up to.

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    I using Windows XP and I want only one becuz I want it nice and clean with only one admin account but itīs okay if thatīs not possible.
    I thought maybe some program or something could make it possible.


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