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Thread: Anything Samurai Related Other Than Anime

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    Im just looking for some good samurai action,whether it be yakuza or ninja or anything, as long as it's japanese and has lots of blood and arterial spray.If anybody finds anything samurai related,let me know.

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    Have you seen Ninja Scroll

    EDIT:Just noticed that you DIDN`T requested ninja anime.

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    Well, there's The Seven Samuari. Apparently it was redone last year, but I'm meaning the old black and white from 1954. I've heard good things about Harakiri and The Last Samuari, though I've never seen either.

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    Hey guys thanks....i own Ninja Scroll and think its the only truly wonderful anime period piece out there.
    I loved the 7 samurai. So yeah. I have seen them both many times over. Was looking for something new. If you guys havent' seen any of the lone wolf and cub series of films you should check it out right away. Check out a flick on kazaa called Shogun Assassin. It's like a live action version of Ninja scroll, every bit as bloody,if not more so. Its from the 70's, but it's amazing.The japanese put out wonderfully violent material.
    Thanks for the replies guys! Good hunting!

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    Seven Samurai: Click Here

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    Is there a verified copy of harakiri?

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    Shogun Assassin is a good one ,,,,

    its my post in verifieds in a can



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