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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    Feb 2004
    Yes, I am.

    Armed with some overtime dosh and with some call-out payments on the way, I set off to The South's Biggest Computer Fair with an idea to get a replacement S775 mobo for a sick HP I'm looking after.

    I honestly went there only thinking about getting the computer out of the flat. Honestly.

    It's not my fault there were several M2N32-sli Deluxes on show.

    Nor was it my fault that a vendor quoted me such a nice price for one with 2x 512 DDR2 5300, a 64/3500+ and 7300GS.

    It's my fault I bought them though. I'm also to blame for not checking the number of IDE interfaces the mobo has... when I have 2x IDE HDDs and the DVDRW.

    What a complete muppet.

    I guess I've got an evening of file-moving to get on with.
    There isn't a bargepole long enough for me to work on [a Sony Viao] - clocker 2008

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    bigdawgfoxx's Avatar Big Dawg
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    Apr 2003
    Get an IDE to SATA converter man!

    I did the same thing in the shop the other day I put a new mobo on a computer and he had 2 HDDS and 2 CDROMS, and only 1 ide sucked but we just used some converters
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    Virtualbody1234's Avatar Forum Star BT Rep: +2
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    Or an IDE controller PCI card.

    I don't get why they decide to drop IDE and yet retain COM ports.

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    Feb 2004
    Well, it's all together and XP is installed. Everything looks bare - no icons, no shortcuts, no email lol.

    I think I'll pop round to the nearest decent PC hardware outlet and get me an adapter as you suggest, dawg. It's what I should have thought of while I was at the fair.

    I know exactly what you mean, VB. the board has no LPT: port on the back panel but it has serial and I can't remember the last serial device I came across. Possibly a mouse or external modem but they're from about 10 years ago.

    This mobo is fiiiine, mighty fine.
    The first thing I noticed about it was how heavy it is. There's lotsa copper stuff poking out and running about to keep it cool.
    The numerous utilities that Asus throw in are almost all useful, going by the blurb.
    I can make the PC an access point for other wi-fi stuff - like the pda w00t.

    Can't wait to get my hands on a 64-bit OS to actually use it properly.

    Gotta go now... Windows Update Step 1 is telling me to restart and do it again...
    There isn't a bargepole long enough for me to work on [a Sony Viao] - clocker 2008

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    Skillian's Avatar T H F C f a n BT Rep: +1
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    Dec 2002
    If they are gonna drop IDE (which isn't a bad idea), I don't see why there aren't more S-ATA optical drives.

    Manufacturers need to work a bit harder on this one.

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    chojin's Avatar In Hell With SaTan
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    Apr 2006
    Been runing with Xp 64 for approx 12+ months and its works fine. Most stuff now there are work arounds for non 64bit drivers. The only thing I cannot get to work is my Lexmark P707 photo printer. Oh and TigerWoods 2006 is unstalble

    I agree with there should be more optical Sata Drives
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