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Thread: Sct account

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    I'll give it away for FileList or UK-t.

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    let me ask you.
    first do you know when Sct is going to be giving out invites agian or become open.
    and why has is stoped the invites.

    Also, how does Sct compare with TL

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    they closed invites because they had 20000 invites out there with a membership limit of 10000.
    they'll never open, but they'll start invites again when they trim their userbase.
    i dont use tl so i wouldnt know

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    also...the ratio on it sucks, but hey

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    but this is true...ScT is faster with releases and has twice as many torrents as torrentleech.

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    withoutthee88 i sent you pm.

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    filelist is a good site, but it has horrible pre-times.
    i prefer alot of sites over it, and wouldnt recommend that as a trade (even with a low ratio).
    never been on uk-t so i wouldnt know.

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    FL is good site, but don't use that much except for every now and again getting a rare DVD i can't find anywhere else. ScT is best for scene stuff. I have never been on uk-t though. IMO, don't trade the account for FL.

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    whats sct like? a friend said its the best torrent site


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