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Thread: Which Video Card Is Better?

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    alright here is the situation:

    When I recieved my computer that ordered and configured online, it wasn't what I had configured.
    So in order for me to be happy, the computer manufacturer has offered me a choice of these two
    video cards.
    128MB nVidia GeForce4 MX440
    Nvidia GeForce4 Ti4200 128-MB AGP Graphics Card

    so what do you think is the better of the two?

    I have 2.0 Ghz pent 4
    80 gig HD

    ....and they also offered my $150 off the price I paid and $150 off a future purchase

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    can this topic be moved to it's proper location :"> ...
    i.e. the hardware section

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    Definitely the Ti4200. Much faster!
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    got to agree with above, the ti is much better
    the mx series is built on old technology

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    TI is alot ti 4800 rocks

    fuck Derby County

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    Yep, no contest, get the Ti4200.

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    although, you may want to wait a little while and get the geforce fx5200, this is a replacement for the ti4200, and should perform at about the same level
    the major improvement is that the fx supports dx9
    it's up to you though
    i know you're kinda tied in at the moment, but maybe you could wait

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    thx for the replies and the great feedback

    ..I will do a search on google about the mx440..

    ..and I wish I could wait for the fx5200 ...but my hands are little tied
    with the options they are offering me the ti4200 it is!

    one more question for you:

    do I have to worry about the ti4200 overheating my processor

    thx again

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    no, the ti4200 will have it's own fan, so the temperature of the gpu won't raise the overall system temp
    as long as the cpu heatsink/fan is good enough, you shouldn't have any probs

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    thx amphoteric88

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