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Thread: Process for converting cassette tape to MP3

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    What is the best way to convert audio music from cassette tape to MP3?

    I've read so many different programs, but most seem to deal with ripping from cd.

    I wanted to see if I could simplify the process with 1 program that would do this. If you could please list the programs(hopefully free) I need to do this

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    If u have xp i would use the built in soundrec program to rip each song into the .wav format(u will need to configure your computer to use the line-in jack of your sound card as input for recording not the microphone jack) Connect the line-out jack of your tape deck to the line-in jack of your soundcard. Then go into xp sound properties and find the thing that lets u change the recording inputs and change it. Then open the soundrec thing and hit record, then immediately hit play on your tape deck, and stop/save the .wav file after the song ends. Then use musicmatch to convert to .mp3. I have a feeling musicmatch lets u do that directly, lets u record from line-in directly to .mp3 but i don't have it installed atm so i can't verify.

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    It's not free, but Sony's Sound Forge does a great job at this. You can put it to recording mode, so that it will record your soundcard's line input, and then just "Save as..." MP3's. No other programs needed.

    It also offers some advanced functions such as normalization of volume levels and you can easily split a long MP3 (such as an entire side of a tape) to smaller pieces.
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    The most important thing to make this come out good is having a really nice soundcard. I suggest you get an Audigy 2 or X-fi by Creative. Using the what-you-hear recording option and carefully adjust the volume settings so it's not in the red. Make sure no graphic equalizer settings are turned on on your tape player or that will get into your recording and you don't want that.

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    You might want to look at Steinberg Clean, I think you can find it on some trackers, also add my vote to sony soundforge

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    I use Goldwave does an excellent job


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