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Thread: Audiobook sites/channels

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    I'm after some places I can get hold of good quality fantasy/sci fi audiobooks, I did have all of terry pratchett's stuff, but many of the files are choppy jump all over and missing chunks. So It's a case of trying to replace those first. I'm looking for either emule,BT, or ice methods, if anyone can help?

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    Log onto Soulseek, join chat room, add thewizeard and nigel123 to your friends list..and browse me...

  3. Lounge   -   #3 has a decent number of audiobook torrents

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    oink has loads of them, granted you're a member. Or you can always resort to demonoid...

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    If you like older sci-fi then you might want to check out some of the Old Time Radio stuff. They have an abundance of cool stories and are not hard to find.

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    19 has a good selection.

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    I really wish there was a good place to find education al audio books. PM if you know of one! Thanks!
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    there are educational torrent trackers, like bitme, that have educational audio
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    Has a nice selection of e / audio books. Have to search the site but there are a lot of SCIFI Fantasy shares there.

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    demonoid contains agreat collection of books

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