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Thread: What's the best way to use PSP when UMD is not available so easy..

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    Hi Guys,

    I am new to PSP, recently I have purchased PSP 1.5 with one UMD. When I went to purchase new UMDs, came to know that they r very expensive here & not so easily available. So I downloaded emulators & downloaded few games for SNEs, but still I don't know whats the best way to use this lovely gadget, I mean can't find much new interesting games or may be I still don't know from where can I get to download the games or what more things I can download to run new games. I do not like to upgrade from 1.5 as at present I don't have UMDs to play. So guys pleaseeeee help me getting most out of this PSP. Thanks in advance to all of you.

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    Download the UMD's online and play them with your psp...i reccomend you look around and

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    Thanks Buddy.. I guess need to spend more time on net..

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    large torrent sites usually carry a good selection of PSP rips, including and
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    Thank you very much Seedler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suprafreak6
    Download the UMD's online and play them with your psp...i reccomend you look around and is probably the best resource for getting the most outta your psp, especially as you have a 1.5. There are plenty of sites though with information on getting game rips and such like

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    Yes buddy i checked it.. thnx..


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