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    alright I was thumbing through the movie section and I came
    accross a few members talking about "bittorrent".

    I did a little search on google about it, but I'm still quite uncertain about it.

    Can someone reassure about it

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    What kind of reassurance do you need? Questions about security, corrupted files etc.?

    Bittorrent's a so-called 'swarming' utility. I other words it's a download client which can d/l from multiple sources (also called 'seeds&#39 and at the same time uploads the same file to other users.

    I use it all the time and I get really good speeds with (between 100/200 kB/s, I'm on a T1 though).
    It's often the second fastest method to get new releases (after IRC), because more and more release groups use Bittorrent a method to spread their new files.
    Also it's REAL easy to use. Install the client, go to site which publishes bittorents ( and are good ones), click the link and off it goes.

    You can check this subforum for more

    Hope this assures you a little
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    bittorrent is great, especially for getting the latest tv-episodes, but also movies, software and stuff.

    there are plenty of torrent sites. download the client here:

    a good start for finding torrent sites:

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    Is there many virus in files using BitTorrent?

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    The same ammount of virii that are in any file. its all down to the "seed" and bearing in mind that hosting a seed file is quite tricky what with the tracker and all, you would expect people to be in the know about virii so in answer to your question if the person knows how to use bittorrent and from seeing on this board many people dont and still know about virus stuff then its safe to assume that the file you are getting is safe.

    bittorrent uses an advanced method of data checking, any part of the file that fails to hash is redownloaded, so if the seed file is safe once the hash has been created i think that even if the seed file contains a virus after then it wont match the hash any more and wont be downloaded.



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