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Thread: BitMe (vs.) LearnBits

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    BitMe (vs.) LearnBits:

    Like the title says, what are some of your opnions of these two e-learning trackers, the pros and the cons, site maintenance, frequency uploads, the material the site provides, etc etc. And of course what do you prefer and why?

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    learnbits: It seems more complete to me. cons: very hard to join since it's always been overloading it's server.

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    Bitme is the top atm.

    But i would prefer rather than learnbits, because in a small period of time (only 3 -4 months old) they have grown massive when compared to learnbits. userbase may be little lower than learnbits atm but have a look at their contents !! I was able to find many rare stuffs there.

    And Moreover. i love their policies. they stick strongly to the e-learning policy, no general appz, no other craps which you can find in other similar trackers.
    Here is a snapshot of their upload rules..

    What is ok to upload on Bitspyder and what is not
    We allow only Educational or Informative materials here..

    You can post.. stuffs like ebooks,audio books,video tutorials,presentations,documentries..etc.
    look at the categories.. you\'ll get it.

    .:: Always search to see whether the torrent is already uploaded, before you do an Upload::.


    Materials on How to date and similar are not allowed. (not considered as informative)
    A documentary on travel is allowed (considered as informative)
    Language learning materias are allowed (considered educational)

    Hope you got a picture of that.



    e-Books and Audio Books:
    Text books, subject related materials like medical, engineering..
    Popular science and not fictional material

    Videos and documentary:
    Travel, Cooking, Health
    Lectures, Dance material, Martial arts
    Science Documentaries
    and such Informative materials..

    Applications/Softwares (Can be uploaded under Others Category)
    Language learning applications (Rosetta stone, Berlitz, etc.)
    Computer based training applications (RouterSIM, typing tutors, etc.)
    Any other software should be uploaded only with staff approval..
    Microsoft softwares will not be allowed even if they are educational.
    you can ask for that in the Can i Do that ! section.

    Not Allowed
    PORN in any form (video, books, anything else you can think off)
    Stuffs on Dating and such are also prohibited.
    Controversial Documentaries like the 9/11 incidents and documentaries on war and terror.
    Political material or religious inflammatory material
    Materials related to Making Weapons and Bombs..
    (or information on how to make them contact FBI, CIA or nearest nuclear station)
    Applications/Softwares other than those mentioned above are not allowed

    The following types of Magazines are also not allowed..
    Fashion Magazines
    Women Magazine
    Men's Magazine
    Political Magazines etc
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    Leanbits has lots of stuff and it's easy to have a good ratio. The staff is pretty cool, too.

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    Learnrbits is wonderful. There are a lots of resources there. The uploads are great and the site, staff and community are very nice!! I love this site!
    I don't know Bitme but all people say that it's the top!!! Some day I'll become a member (2-3 months looking for) and I'll be able to compare them
    sharing is great.
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    Last time i used learnbits.. i couldn't find much, and speeds were kinda slow.
    (that is, compared to bitme)

    But maybe they've grown a lot since a few months ago?
    For now, my vote is for Bitme.

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    Bitspyder is open for signup atm, so get in while you can

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    Somewhere I belong to
    you can get invites from their IRC channel
    begging T_T

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    I don't have BitMe but I find the LearnBits is a little behind BitSpyder. I see something go up on BitSpyder and the next day it's on Learnbits. After I get a BitMe invite I can comment on them but for now BitSpyder is top.

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    learnbits has a broken bonus system. I've got a ratio of 13.646 almost completely from bonus points, simply from seeding the same five torrents I got the first day I signed up

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