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Thread: How To Download Guide..., I need feedback

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    Hi all, i started to work on a HOWTO for eMule.
    My newbies friends are nagging me and asking over and over
    "how do i download movies" !!!???

    I found it not easy to explain to someone how is not a experienced "downloader" how to install, configure and properly use the client for maximum result.

    There are many very good guides on the net explaining in detail how to use and optimaze eMule, BUT.... they are to technical and tooo much text.

    So...i decided to make a HOWTO-blog and use more screenshots than text to help my newbies friends, and ofcourse others..

    I will try my HOWTO on my friends but i need more feedback from YOU.

    So please check out my HOWTO, and tell me what i can do better..

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    looks good i realy like the idea of using screen shots to explain things as that can make it alot easier

    I would suggest adding more info on configuring firewalls to open the ports as in my experience this can be hard for noobs. maybe add some of the more popular firewalls then link to other guides that explain the less popular ones.

    you could also link to a speed test so people can find out their exact download speed.

    and maybe change the name to something like the easy guide to configuring e-mule to avoid legal issues.

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    sear <<< thanks for the advice.
    yes i will add a section on firewalls, and the speed test is not a bad idea. I just want to keep it very simple, this is ment to be a guide for newbies.

    dont want to get to technical. meybe ill should create several sections; beginner, intermediate, expert....

    as for the name, im planing to have several guides for different clients so what about:
    "howtodownloadit" "downloadguide" "downloadfordummies" "downloadschool"

    any suggestions are welcome

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    I've just installed emule and followed some other guides which, as you said above, were quite technical.

    How about a part 2 of your guide [unless i'm missing it lol]??? Cos thats where it would help me.

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    Cool m8, nice job
    Pics really are more intuitive and direct than text

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    Excellent job bro! I've been using eMule for 3 months now and it is really quick and easy to find all of the movies and games I want. I can't wait to see part 2 of the guide.

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    hi i'm new 2 this but can u tell me some sites where u can download music free

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    Quote Originally Posted by niholas View Post
    hi i'm new 2 this but can u tell me some sites where u can download music free

    You might be better off with Limewire Pro or Soulseek for music . You should really start your own thread and ask a mod to move yours and delete mine .

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    The most important thing to use emule is that you need to open the ports 4662 for TCP and 4672 for UDP.
    If the firewall blocks these ports, you won't get excellent download speeds.
    Once both of the ports are opened, you will get high ID.


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