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Thread: Delete your empornium account

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    Looks like empornium is slowly morphing into a pay site with new signups receiving only a seven day evaluation. They have fallen under new management, and understandably most of the old moderators have left.
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    their page to display most active etc isn't working too well. all the stats are empty. sadness if the site does go to pay-only.

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    huh. good thing I just switched to fileporn...

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    Saz sold Empornium to targetpoint over a year ago. He hadn't been able to so much as access a mod's level of controls for eight of those months because it wasn't his site anymore. Suddenly they change the site shell and add a few more adds and everyone starts flipping out, Saz leaves with all the mods WTF? lol.

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    I also read Saz and the gang want eveyone to come over to his new site Cheggit. Why? So he can get the value of this new site up and sell it to?

    This stuff is on the same level as Lokitorrents was. Think I'll just stay away....

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    Please fully understand the situation before making unprecedented claims:

    The saga of Empornium, TargetPoint, and the Empornium Replacement

    This page should answer some questions many people have been having. I am a long-time Empornium user, and I am and have been connected with most of the admins since I joined. I myself am not an admin.

    Please see also "Who is TargetPoint?"

    Before TargetPoint

    Before TargetPoint, Empornium was run by saz, and also somewhat of a republic of admins. Saz generally made good choices about the site and who got what control over it. The admins were fine with this arrangment, just as in many many other sites where a loose dictatorship lives.

    Beginnings of TargetPoint Control

    Saz made a choice to take on investors. By taking a partial buy-in from Targetpoint, the goal was to use their resources to make the site better with better servers, a complete rebuild and a potentially wider audience. This contract gave TargetPoint a lot of legal control over Empornium, including control over the domain. The first thing they did was to put additional ads on the site, which was generally acceptable as they didn't get in the way nor cause problem with using the site.

    Pushing the Big Cheese Out

    On Empornium, TargetPoint started making bigger decisions about the site, and started to lock down and control the site more, adding more advertisements and other such things. Saz hadn't been the sole owner of the site since the initial deal, but only now did that become a problem. After the move to .nl, he no longer had any control over what TargetPoint did with the site. They put up more and more ads, and changed the site to add yet another page for ads to be placed. They also did nothing to stop the extreme slowdown of the site, from zippy 1-2 second page loads by now slowing to over 6 seconds. Saz and the other admins were not consulted on any changes that were made.

    In early 2006, TargetPoint built a site called "ImageFap" - an image hosting service that is also filled to the gills with ads, very different from the commonly used image hosts named HideBehind (previously <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and imagehero), Fapomatic and JPGHosting. TargetPoint added a permanent link to the top of every Empornium page, linking to ImageFap as the host for images on Empornium.

    In the forums, TargetPoint threatened to ban anyone (including admins) who badmouthed TargetPoint in the forums. Many threads were deleted mentioning the problems with TargetPoint and ImageFap. The information on this is fuzzy, but the general consensus is that saz deleted the newer threads to keep some users from being banned, and that TargetPoint employees deleted the older threads mentioning TargetPoint in a bad light.

    The "New Look"

    Recently (July 5, 2006) Empornium was completely changed by TargetPoint. The entire site design was changed, and by appearance the main goal of this design is to maximize ad coverage, in a layout not unlike ImageFap. The decision to do this and the decisions on how it should look and work were made without any warning to the users, and little warning to admins or moderators as to when it would happen. Months before this, a TargetPoint employee told the IRC channel about the site redesign, but no such warning was given when things actually changed. This broke various aspects of the site, including 3rd party search tools, uploader descriptions (which depended on the site's layout), some of the IRC bot's functions, and many many other tools that were made for Empornium that depended on the layout (such as aNemia's tEMPlator).

    Now What?
    That's what this site is for. So Empornium's former uploaders can share info on what they intend to do next.

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    Too bad about Empornium being run over by TargetPoint. Don't they control PureTnA as well?

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    Important Message.
    Hello everybody! the sazaraki regime is over for empornium.
    Last few days some of the site's early moderators have left us claiming the site is turning to be a paysite.
    Empornium is and will always stay free to all of the current users.
    New users that will join us will have to make a slim donation and this is only until we can have enough money
    to expand the servers and improve the service professionally.
    The new design is in a process of being improved as well, so stay tuned! PEACE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    Never pay for File Sharing!
    its on the top of every page here, and for a good reason.
    never used emporium, but the new owners sound like retards to me.
    torrent sites are about the community spirit, not about profit.

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    the old admins/users etc are migrating and building a new site called

    so bookmarking that site may be a good idea

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