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Thread: iTunes Search Bar: Audiobooks?

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    Hey everyone, I had a question about iTunes and how it displays audiobooks. After following a very good tutorial, I managed to rip some audio-book CD's from my local library, and have gotten them to show up on my iPod in the "Audiobooks" category and everything just fine. However, I have just discovered the capabilities of the "Search Bar" and what a great wonder it is! Before I had to search for my videos while cursing at iTunes, but now I can sort everything by "All", "Music", "Audiobooks", "Videos"...etc. Thats just it though, for some reason, my Audiobooks arent showing up in the "Audiobook" category in iTunes, does anyone know how I can fix this? They show up as Audiobooks on my iPod, but not in iTunes?!?!

    EDIT: Okay, they show up as audiobooks when I am in my "Library" in iTunes, but not when I use the search bar in my iPod, they dont show up, even though they are on my ipod.

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    My audio books show up under Music/Genre/Audiobooks. Make sure you have all your tags right. Sometimes when you rip a cd, it automatically says Books and Spoken Word or something else rather than Audiobook. Also, sometimes the box "Part of a Complilation" is checked and that can mess up the way iTunes sorts the files. Good luck.


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