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Thread: mp3 file renamer

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    is there a program that will rename files not one by one will take to long from looking like this. Billy Joel - Tell Her About It
    to look like this. Billy Joel - Tell her about it

    looking like this. Tell Her About It
    to look like this. Tell her about it

    i can do part of it with File And MP3 Tag Renamer

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    Yes - Its called Filerenamer. Its by a Danish guy and its freeware.

    It is great for doing that sort of thing upper and lower case, spaces, dashes etc. It can do a whole folder at once.

    I have used if for several years on my MP3's and my Jpegs. But I would suggest that you practice on a few files first to get the hang of it.

    Here is the guys website.

    Let me know how you get on.



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    Great software! i'm using it right now.

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    Dunno if I am late but you could also try TagScanner.
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    How about Tag And Rename
    It's one of the most powerful software I've known. And it's fast too, way faster than iTunes or any other "library based" software

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    Filerenamer. great program does what i wanted to do thanks heaps


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