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Thread: Tv Capture Cards

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    im thinkin bout buyin me a capture card, can anyone refer a card and/or tell me the dirt bout these (like how they record and qaulty)

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    i have the wintv primo card, i think the card is great but the software they provide is shit,

    if you get this card just install the wdm drivers provided and get chris tv from WWW.Chris-TV.COM it rocks but it dosent record yet

    for recording i use "iuvcr" the quality is as good as your picture or compression codec.

    good luck

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    so you think if i compressed to divx?

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    its good to compress the video to divx as it is quiet quick to encode but with the audio i would use uncompressed PCM as mp3 is slow,

    you can compress just the audio in virtualdub if you want to save your capture

    hope this helps B)

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    ok i bought ati-tv wonder ve, the thing is the software is shitty and wont let me encode very good, is there any other that are good *free or *cracked (divx compress is a wish

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    iuvcr B)


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