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Thread: Piracy is good? (or Hyperdistribution and the new laws of television)

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    I found this presentation a while ago which was delivered by Mark Pesce on May 6th, 2005 at the Australian Film Television and Radio School in Sydney.

    Apologies if it has been posted before... I did a search in the forums but couldnt find that it had been mentioned previously (please prove me wrong!!)

    This goes for about an hour, and is a very interesting presentation (if you are interested in bittorrent etc). The presenter comes up with some novel ideas of how the future of TV programs may be affected by bittorrent.

    Worth watching, let me know what you think of it all...

    (yes it's a QT file, and I couldnt find the torrent link I used to download it sorry...)

    **edit: This comment from one watcher of the presentation gives a good idea what it's all about:
    "We currently are moving from being forced to see what people want us to see, to what we want to see right now. The session explains the reasons why this is good for us and possibly good for broadcasters, why should they think more clearly about downloaded tv shows as free advertising and not simple stamping down on it as piracy. The gentleman goes onto show how we can use bittorent and google and broadband options in general to improve the flow of media to users, whilst also keeping the tv execs in a job."
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    the problem is really tv companies not embracing the internet and demanding that the internet change before they join it.

    Look at the newspapers, they post their articles on the web and they don't need a stupid drm scheme to protect them from being copied.

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    yeah, and by the way, the amount of time that we see comercials here in portugal sure pays off any series so piracy is the way to explore has much more ppl would get stuff


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