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Thread: IE shuts down at start up,can't re-install

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    Jul 2006
    Hey guys I got here by Firefox (anyone heard that before?) anyway my Internet Explorer (ie) is stuffed and shuts down only seconds after launching it.My home page is and it starts to say

    "Website found opening page" and then BANG it closes down.Yes I have tried the obvious changing home page for example but same thing happens "opening page" BANG it closes down

    This is where it gets strange,previously saved htm/html files also closes down after a few seconds.Tried re-installing Msie 6 it starts to install and gets to

    "Windows 2000/Windows XP Install" I click next then BANG she shuts down?Bizarre.Next go to control panel,Add remove,currently installed programs but Msie is NOT listed there!

    OK time for spyware remover/anti virus program.Used and installed CWShredder,Ad-aware,Spybot search and destroy,Spyware doctor after all of those approx 50 counts of spyware found but now have been successfully removed.

    Nod32 Antivirus found no viruses,I give up help!

    AMD Sempron 2600,256MB ram,Windows xp pro

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    try also hijackthislog
    and then submiit the log to these sites for analysis

    compare and fix the errors

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    Thanks 100% i'll give it a shot cheers

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    Try hijackthis! like 100% posted and you can also try looking for viruses and spyware with scanners for those things.
    You could also see if ie opens in safemode.


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