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Thread: Nav 2003 Pro - Resource Hogger?

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    Hi guys.

    i finally made the jump to NAV 2003 Pro a few weeks back but have been reading through some posts about NAV v NAV Corp and seen some comments like the following.

    * "I did pick up a copy of Norton Corporate which installed with real time protection and doesn't drag things down like the desktop version."

    * "Get Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Edition 7.6
    -Uses less CPU resources"

    * "norton antivirus (try corporate if its hogs a lot of resources)"

    Is there any truth in comments like this?, i was told by some that NAV Pro was better because it monitors email applications where as Corp didnít. (however I realise Corp would prob catch it via Real Time monitoring anyway)

    Any comments much appreciated.
    p.s sorry for another post on AV Q&A

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    All NAV programs are resource hogs.
    But time after time NAV pays back what it takes in resources.
    You just have to have it!
    I've ran many versions of NAV and everyone of em' was a fat resource sucking bitch of which there is no escape!

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    Yes nortons always takes up alot of resources

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    ok cool thanks guys - but no one would say that NAV compared NAV Corp is any dif?

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    Nav Corp. has liveupdate unlimited

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    Originally posted by Paul@3 May 2003 - 13:36
    NAV Corporate v8.0
    thanks Paul, just waiting for some sources now

    ill put up on a HTTP web space when i get it
    so is this meant to be less resource hungry then the normal NAV?

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    I have Norton 2003 Pro and it runs absolutely fine using very little resource.

    Unlimited updates aren't important in my opinion, as I get a new one from Kazaa every year


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