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Thread: Ripping Winamp Stream

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    I know how to rip shoutcast streams and I can do that.

    I want to rip "Winamp Music" streams.

    In the media library, that is option directly below Shoutcast TV

    Now I thought I could find the source then go from there, but I can not get any information about the file. When i right click it in my playlist, it does not give me any information options.

    I did notice however, that streamripper was able to resolve a source for the file, but it would not let me see the entire filename (check the pic)...

    Hmm.. any suggestions?

    Most of the apps out there are just for ripping from streamcast.
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    search (in advanced search) "streaming" or something like that in this section of the forum and you will find what you need.


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