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Thread: Movie Quality - Need Help

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    i have downloaded some movies and they have been good quality all but for there a little fuzy. is it the download (do i need to worry about the size), is it the program (nero 7.5) or the $29 burner i bought....what makes the difference.....does anybody know how to download and burn high quality movies, that are clear like as if i bought it and played it on my DVD.......has anyone had this problem.....

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    aim for files that are of 1.5gb nature. if that doesn't suit ur needs for quality shoot 4 the big 4gib files. ur burner has nothing to do with the quality of the file. also, many would suggest switching over to nero 6 instead of that 7 stuff. as for any of us getting "fuzzy" quality, sure, we all do, but it by no means causes a prob 4 me. i'm used to it and it's FREE! welcum to the forum.
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    Thanks i will try a bigger file.....and nero 6.....

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    nero should not affect the quality of the movie.


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